HUDWAY Drive front view
HUDWAY Drive side view
Directions and notifications on the HUDWAY Drive
Using HUDWAY Go navigation app with HUDWAY Drive
Using Waze with HUDWAY Drive
HUDWAY Drive on Audi TT Roadster dashboard
HUDWAY Drive on Ford Fusion dashboard
HUDWAY Drive on Tesla Model S dashboard
HUDWAY Drive on Mercedes C-Class dashboard
HUDWAY Drive on Mini Countryman dashboard
HUDWAY Drive on Ford Mustang dashboard


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1.63 LBS
Bulk Pricing:
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H: 4 in (10 cm), W: 6.3 in (16 cm), D: 7.3 in (18.5 cm)
1.8" TF LCD / 480x240 px / 12,000 nits direct backlit BLU
View distance: 8.2 ft (2.5m) / Virt. image size: 10.3" / FOV: 7(V) 4.5(V)
Wi-Fi for screen mirroring / BT Classic for audio / BLE for data
Ambient light
ARM Cortex-A7 Quad
DRAM: 2Gb / eMMC: 8Gb
Input power:
DC 5V ~ 17V (1.5A)
Operating t.:
-4° ~ 140°F (-20° ~ 60°C)
HUDWAY Drive front view

We are making more Drives now. Yours will ship at the end of March (Batch #7).

What is HUDWAY Drive?

HUDWAY Drive is a portable heads-up display for everyday commute:

- Keeps you connected in a less distracting way: speed, navigation, calls, notifications, or music info on a translucent screen right in front of you.

- Works with any navigation app by screen mirroring: Google, Waze, or any other maps you want to use behind the wheel.

- One-time quick setup: stick the device to the dashboard and pair it with your smartphone via bluetooth. Next time everything will connect automatically as your wireless headphones.

- Designed to merge with your dash: flexible mount allows to install the Drive in most cars.

When the Drive is connected to an OBD-II scanner, it gets vehicle data and shows it on the screen as widgets, such as: RPM, voltage, fuel level, and so on.

Designed to fit most vehicles

HUDWAY Drive features a versatile design that allows you to fit it on almost any vehicle's dashboard. However, there are exceptions. Some models have a windshield that is too slanted for HUDWAY Drive to fit in with its lens open at the full 90°.

We suggest that you try out the paper device mockup in your car first. Download it, print, cut out, and take to your car.

Here are the cars where we tried HUDWAY Drive and it didn't fit:

- Audi A3 / S3 (2013–2020)
- BMW 3 Series (2005–2011 and 2011–2019)
- BMW 4 Series (2020–2022)
- Chevrolet Camaro (2010–2015 and 2016–present)
- Honda Civic (2005–2012 and 2011–2017)
- Honda CR-V (2017–present)
- Honda HR-V (1998–2006)
- Honda Insight (2010–2014)
- Honda Ridgeline (2006–2014)
- Infiniti Q70 (2013–2019)
- Jeep Wrangler TJ (1996–2006), JL (2017–present)
- Lexus LX (1998–2007)
- Lexus RX (2004–2009) / Toyota Harrier in JP
- Mercedes-Benz G-Class (all generations)
- Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class (2011–2020)
- Mitsubishi Lancer (2008–2017) / Galant Fortis in JP, Proton Inspira in MY
- Peugeot 3008 (2016–present)
- Renault Megane (2009–2017)
- Fiat 124 Spider (2017–present)
- Toyota Corolla (2002–2008 and 2007–2013)
- Toyota Prius (all generations)
- Toyota Previa (2000–2005 and 2006–2019) / Tarago in AU, Estima Aeras in JP
- Volkswagen Passat (2014–present)

You can learn more about installing the device in our Help Center.

HUDWAY Drive on the dashboard

What's in the box?

- HUDWAY Drive heads-up display
- Power mount
- USB to Micro B cable
- Cable clips
- Bluetooth OBD-II scanner
- Power adapter to cigarette lighter

HUDWAY Drive: what's in the box


Does it block my view?

HUDWAY Drive doesn't block the view in front of a driver since it's located a bit below the line of sight and its lens is translucent (almost transparent). The image from the app you stream is like floating on the line of view very comfortably.


H: 4 in (10 cm), W: 6.3 in (16 cm), D: 7.3 in (18.5 cm)

For better understanding, visit our Help Center article. You can refer to the pictures there and print a cut-out template to make sure it fits the dash. Please note, that we also have a list of incompatible cars due to the configuration of the dash and windshield angle.

How is it connected to a smartphone?

The main interaction way with your smartphone is BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). It works with our proprieatry HUDWAY Drive app only. Alternatively, you can opt for a mirroring mode via WiFi and see your phone screen as is. More details here.


HUDWAY Drive unboxing

Live footage

HUDWAY Drive + thermal night vision camera


8 Reviews Write a Review

  • Zachary Creger

    Nov 16th 2021
    Works well

    After a week of use Ive finally settled on how I feel about the whole hudway set up. Its definitely something I would get if I had to get a different car. the OBD2 is the only sore spot for the device as it does not really work as of writing this. that being said everything else works great. I recommend using the camera systems along with the main hud unit for a better experience.

  • Jawwad

    Aug 12th 2021
    Hudway Drive

    Easy install. Require new Hudway Drive App. Mirroring functionality from iPhone 12 does not work.

  • Sebastian Fontaine

    Jul 24th 2021
    Hudway Drive review

    Hi, everyone,

    I received my Hudway Drive four weeks ago, so I had enough time to test it out extensively.

    First of all: The waiting time was absolutely worth it!

    The product is delivered in a very high quality packaging. The instructions are easy to understand and the installation was therefore very easy.

    After the installation, the device was connected and the associated app was downloaded. The detection of the hardware and the initial setup went smoothly.
    Only the supplied OBD2 adapter stopped working after a short time. I replaced it with another model, and since then the OBD2 adapter has mostly been recognized without any problems. (Every now and then there seem to be connection problems after a long period of standstill. If you decouple the Hudway-Drive via Bluetoorh and reconnect it, the OBD2 adapter is usually recognized immediately.)

    In the last few weeks I have experienced driving much more relaxed, focusing on the HUD is much easier than on the speedometer. The brightness is sufficient during the day, but a bit too bright at night. An automatic dimming function would be desirable here so that you do not always have to readjust the brightness in the app. The speed, which is read out via the OBD2 connector, is sufficiently accurate and is also updated and transferred quickly enough, occasionally there are very slight delays. When using the smartphone connected via bluetooth, I did not notice a big difference in terms of the transmission of the speed to the HUD, the delay is hardly noticeable.
    As a bonus when coupling with an OBD2 adapter, the engine speed and other vehicle data can be displayed. The date and outside temperature are always displayed as small widgets. I also really like the option of removing the device to protect against theft.

    All in all, I can only recommend the device. The speed that is constantly in view helps you to concentrate more on the traffic and still have the permitted maximum speed present. (For this purpose I have set the warning to 50km / h so that the speed display is then shown in red which gives already an indication in the peripheral field of view)

  • George Mudava

    Jul 20th 2021
    Like I have another car.

    Like I said: I am driving another car now!
    The image is clear, even in the sunlight. It is removable, so it is a good thing. For example, it is cheap to move it from a car to another just with few dollars.
    The package is nice, the power plug is with double outputs and small.
    Thank you for OBD II interface!
    A motorized glass will be great.
    Mount it with care, align with eye direction, and you will see a correct image.
    A direct link between OBD interface and device would be nice, without using smartphone (I prefer that).
    Specially for the link with the camera, I bought this device. It is the great feature! The reverse camera and the night vision camera, in special. Only... the night vision camera it looks to be too expensive...
    Attention: If you ever used silicons for polishing the dash board, the double faced adhesive or any duct tape, will NEVER stay in place! So, 2-3 screws will not ruin the dash board. Few holes in the mount will be helpful for future models.
    So far, so good. And sorry for my rusty English. :)

  • Till Beilstein

    Jul 4th 2021
    First Test

    Hi there,
    I just unboxed the device - really great!
    Mounting is quick, Installation easy and my first driving experience is just fine!
    Some minor weaknesses for the mounting plate (at low rpm`s it is a bit shaky but readability is still ok) - the device itself is really great!
    The IOS software works well (hopefully in German in the future...)
    I will now start to play around with a mount for my bike. let’s see what the result will be...
    Thanks for the product!
    Kind Rgds. Till

  • Denis

    Jun 1st 2021
    Hudway Drive

    Nice product with some flaws:
    1) Indicates a positive speed reading when a car is standing still
    2) No automatic disconnect of the device. You have to make two actions in a mobile phone each time You leave Your car if You want Your spouse to be able to connect to the device

  • Valentin

    May 6th 2021
    Hudway Drive

    Отличный продукт. Легко монтируется на панель.Быстро подключается к смартфону и ELM свистку. Приложение интуитивно понятное. Спасибо разработчикам и производителям Hudway Drive.
    Есть сайт с технической поддержкой.

  • Roger Faane

    Oct 7th 2020
    Hudway drive

    I like very much design and how built up. The packaging was brilliant too. Very curious and try it out in my car.

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