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Current Stock:
2.00 LBS
Detection range (human):
656 ft (200 m)
Identification range (human):
295 ft (90 m)
Detection range (vehicle):
1312 ft (400 m)
Identification range (vehicle):
656 ft (200 m)
Sensor type:
384x288 Uncooled Microbolometer
Spectral band:
8-14 microns (LWIR)
< 32°F @ 86°C (< 0.05°C @ 30°C)
Lens focus:
19 mm
Field of view:
28°x21° (PAL), 27°x18° (NTSC)
Video output:
Auto brightness and contrast adjustment
Image recognition:
Auto pedestrian recognition
Start-up time:
< 8 s
Operating temperature:
-40°F to 159°F (-40°C to 70°C)
Waterproof rating:

Night Vision Camera by HUDWAY

The thermal night vision camera doesn't need light to "see" the objects. Instead, it recognizes them by their heat — and highlights them against a neutral dark background. This is how you will see them appearing on the video — and know they're out there, no matter how challenging the visibility conditions may be.

In dust, fog, heavy snow or rain, dusk or darkness — the thermal camera will automatically identify and highlight vehicles and pedestrians. It will also alert you on the objects moving close to your vehicle by overlaying them with geometric shapes and indicating the distance to them.

The camera works well even in the extreme temperatures. It also has a heater that activates when the temperature is 36°F (2°C) or lower and defreezes the camera window.

The camera is equipped with an S-video cable that plugs in the ECU block. The ECU block is responsible for the automatic objects recognition and triggering visual alarms.

Another S-video cable will run from the ECU to the video selector — which further transmits the video to HUDWAY Drive (or to your in-vehicle display, if you choose not to use HUDWAY Drive).

ECU block firmware can be updated over the air.

Installing the camera in a vehicle

There are two installation options we suggest: permanent (behind a radiator grille) and temporary (on the roof using magnet attachments).

Permanent installation

  1. Raise the hood and dismount the radiator grille
  2. Unscrew the magnets from the bracket bottom
  3. Mount the metal bracket onto the radiator support using 4 enclosed screws
  4. Mount the camera on the bracket using 4 enclosed M4 screws
  5. Route the infrared camera cable into the vehicle interior using enclosed ties
  6. To connect the camera to the video output source, plug the enclosed cable ends as directed below
  7. Mount the radiator grille back in its place


Temporary installation

  1. Select where on the roof you prefer to locate the camera
  2. Loosen the mounting screws to adjust the tilt angle of the camera and then make sure to tighten them back
  3. Make sure all the magnet screws are tightened as well
  4. Place the camera om the roof and route the infrared camera cable into the vehicle interior using clamps (the clamps are included)
  5. Use the enclosed cable to connect the camera according to instruction below


Connection close-up


What's in the box

Schematic representation of HUDWAY night vision camera set

  • Night vision camera
  • ECU block (recognition block)
  • Mounting bracket
  • Removable magnets
  • Screws
  • Connection cable

Please note that the ECU block is not waterproof and needs to be mounted in a dry place safe from mud — say, in the passenger compartment, under a seat or in the trunk, just like the video selector — and just like the video selector it can be mounted using screws, 3M adhesive, or Dual Lock.

Please also note that HUDWAY Drive device is not included in the Night Vision Camera Set and needs to be purchased separately.



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Thermal camera, for better night time awareness.

Zachary Creger on Nov 16th 2021

After a few weeks of use I have finally decided on how I feel about the thermal camera system. long story short I feel that this is one of the best products for the hudway system as a whole. that being said it is also the most expensive. the camera highlights cars, people, and animals that it can identify. most objects are given a yellow box, however ive noticed that things right in front that you may crash into are given a red one and a crash warning appears. I have yet to find out what the SD card slot is for but as for the product its self, its great. It also works in inclimate weather. One thing I wish they would include is a better way to get the cord through the rubber boot on a cars firewall. I have an 05 civic and that sucker took an hour to get through. the computer part of the thermal camera is in a metal case with a radiator look to it but after an hour of use it doesn't get hot which was something I was really worried about. Long story short its great but expensive. I would recommend it to anyone because it really helps you see people/animals on the road or off to the sides.